Most of my work is ultimately about trying to make the long-term future go well -- a project often associated with "longtermism" (see Ord (2020) and MacAskill (2022) for introductions). I've written a number of essays on why I think this is important.

I'm hoping to write more in future about different strands of longtermism, about the notion of a "long reflection," and the pitfalls of some common ontologies people use for thinking about the values that guide the future.

On future people, looking back at 21st century longtermism

An intuition pump for a certain kind of “holy sh**” reaction to existential risk, and to the possible size and quality of the future at stake.

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Against neutrality about creating happy lives

Making happy people is good. Just ask the golden rule.

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Actually possible: thoughts on Utopia

There are oceans we have barely dipped a toe into. There are drums and symphonies we can barely hear. There are suns whose heat we can barely feel on our skin.

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