Is Power-Seeking AI an Existential Risk?

Report for Open Philanthropy examining what I see as the core argument for concern about existential risk from misaligned artificial intelligence.

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On infinite ethics

Infinities puncture the dream of a simple, bullet-biting utilitarianism. But they’re everyone’s problem.

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Actually possible: thoughts on Utopia

There are oceans we have barely dipped a toe into. There are drums and symphonies we can barely hear. There are suns whose heat we can barely feel on our skin.

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Against neutrality about creating happy lives

Making happy people is good. Just ask the golden rule.

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On future people, looking back at 21st century longtermism

An intuition pump for a certain kind of “holy sh**” reaction to existential risk, and to the possible size and quality of the future at stake.

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Can you control the past?

I think that you can “control” events you have no causal interaction with, including events in the past, and that this is a wild and disorienting fact, with uncertain but possibly significant implications. This essay attempts to impart such disorientation.

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Killing the ants

If you kill something, look it in the eyes as you do.

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On clinging

How can “non-attachment” be compatible with care? We need to distinguish between caring and clinging.

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Thoughts on being mortal

You can’t keep any of it. The only thing to do is to give it away on purpose.

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